Starting this week you can now tend unready neighbor animals in Frontierville. This feature is the same as tending your neighbor’s crops when they are not yet ready to be harvested. When tending unready animals, the wait for the animals to get hungry is shortened by one hour.

To tend unready animals, just click on an animal that’s not hungry or the one with no yellow arrow above it. With this new feature in Frontierville come goals that requires you to tend your neighbors’ unready animals. These are:

Cure the Pigs
You need to tend ten unready neighbor pigs, clear seven wildflowers and harvest 25 apple trees.

Help Neighbors Make Cheese
You need to tend three unready neighbor cows, five unready neighbor goats, and collect two cheddar cheeses.

Rockin Those Oxen
You need to tend unready neighbor oxen as well as collect two steer horns and two ropes.

Checking for Breakfast
You need to tend ten unready neighbor chickens and collect two eggs and two bacons.

If you need to tend an unready animal but your neighbor’s animals are not yet hungry, you can feed the animals and it will be unready. Then you can tend it for your goal.


  1. I feed the hungry neighbor chicken and get the blue haze round it but it wont let me click it again to tend it!
    What am I doing wrong?

  2. but if you tend a chicken to feed it, its hungry again when you come back! how can this be overcome, before it just give up completely?

  3. OK you have to make sure your friend just fed there animals so they aren’t hungry anymore. Then you go to there farm and the curser will be a little brush instead of a bag of food. It will cause the animal to have an aura. From my understanding to get eggs and bacon you have to have one of your friends take care of your already fed animals. It causes them to drop that part of the collection. The game resets at 8pm just so yall know.

  4. That requirement is just too weird for words. This game is about the looniest excuse for a game I’ve tried from Zynga thus far. They ruined Farmville by throwing so many things into the mix the game runs slow as a turtle and it takes too long to visit and help your neighbors, now they are cluttering up this one. I’m ready to throw in the towel and just delete my games altogether.

  5. im ready to say the hell with it if ya cant complete the quest whats the dam poin if eveyone just quit playing it.they would finally get our point dam this game after all this time wasted

  6. it’s weird tending neighbor’s unready animals…so if I understand it right I have to call or email/chat to my friend and ask them to use their very limited energy to tend animals they don’t need to tend so I can return to their frontier and tend animals that don’t need anything? I can’t do that to people that I call friends…..lame.

  7. I finally had to cheat! Just created a dummy account and made myself a neighbour in the game. Fed my chickens, then switched accounts and tended them. A pain but it works!

    • Go into your dummy account, feed your own chickens. Then logoff and re-login to your normal account. Go to your dummy account which you have as a neighbour (of course) and you should find the chickens fed and ready to tend! Worked a treat for me!!

  8. When using a dummy account use windows explorer for one account and download google chrome for the other account. you dont have to do all that annoying logging in and out

  9. I have the same problem, Carol. I have completed the same mission three times, and each time I sign in it appears again as incompleted!!


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