Starting this week you can now tend unready neighbor animals in Frontierville. This feature is the same as tending your neighbor’s crops when they are not yet ready to be harvested. When tending unready animals, the wait for the animals to get hungry is shortened by one hour.

To tend unready animals, just click on an animal that’s not hungry or the one with no yellow arrow above it. With this new feature in Frontierville come goals that requires you to tend your neighbors’ unready animals. These are:

Cure the Pigs
You need to tend ten unready neighbor pigs, clear seven wildflowers and harvest 25 apple trees.

Help Neighbors Make Cheese
You need to tend three unready neighbor cows, five unready neighbor goats, and collect two cheddar cheeses.

Rockin Those Oxen
You need to tend unready neighbor oxen as well as collect two steer horns and two ropes.

Checking for Breakfast
You need to tend ten unready neighbor chickens and collect two eggs and two bacons.

If you need to tend an unready animal but your neighbor’s animals are not yet hungry, you can feed the animals and it will be unready. Then you can tend it for your goal.