If you’re working on the Welcome Fanny Wildcat goal, you probably have a hard time looking for a Welcome Mat. This item is part of the Cabin Collection.

Therefore the Welcome Mat comes from collecting the daily bonus from your cabin. It is one of the rarest items in Frontierville.

You can increase your chance of getting a Welcome Mat by building additional cabins in your homestead in Frontierville. That way you have more cabin daily bonus to collect.

If you’re lucky, you can also get a Welcome Mat from the daily Weather bonus. This is a long shot because the reward item is random.

You can place the Welcome Mat in your wish list. That way one of your neighbors in Frontierville can send you one. This is probably not going to happen unless you have something that they want and you can trade it with them for the Welcome Mat.

Once you got a Welcome Mat, you can easily complete the Welcome Fanny Wildcat goal. Bouquets are easily acquired from the Wildflower Collection while Ribbons are free gift items.


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