Just like in previous cities, players fight a Boss in each Las Vegas District in Mafia Wars. But the Boss is different in such a way that the damage you inflict is based on your Attack stat and you take on damage based on your Defense.

The Boss fight gets tougher as you progress through each Mastery Level. The Boss’ HP increases through each step. At Mastery Level 1 (Bronze) Victor “Lil’ Loco” Alves has 500 HP. At Mastery Level 2 (Silver) he has 1,000 HP. At Mastery Level 3 (Gold) he has 1,500 HP. Finally at Mastery Level 4 (Platinum) he has 2,500 HP.

At Bronze Level you can easily kill Lil’ Loco with one hit. But as you progress, he hits harder and takes less damage than before. He can effortlessly kill you in Gold Level three but you can get pass him by using Stun Guns. You should stack on Stun Guns if you want to defeat him in the Platinum Mastery Level.

Each time you take down Alves, you’ll be rewarded with a mastery item, which is Alves’ Muscle Car. Its stats go up through each level. Below are the item stats at each level:

Bronze – 55 Attack 73 Defense
Silver – 61 Attack 83 Defense
Gold – 73 Attack 94 Defense
Platinum – 81 Attack 105 Defense