Starting today there are new water decorations available in the Frontierville Market to cool off during these hot months. These items can make your homestead cooler.

There are several Limited Edition water items are available in the Market, which are offered for a limited time period. As of this posting, there are five days left. These are: (cost, XP reward)

  • Geyser (15 Horseshoes, 90 XP)
  • Frog Pond (25 Horseshoes, 150 XP)
  • White Frog Pond (25 Horseshoes, 150 XP)

There are regular water items in the Frontierville Market as well. These are: (cost, XP reward)

  • Swimmin’ Hole (2,000 Coins, 20 XP)
  • Iron Fountain (200 Coins, 2 XP)
  • Bird Bath (750 Coins, 7 XP)
  • White Bird Bath (750 Coins, 7 XP)
  • Watering Can (500 Coins, 5 XP)
  • Waterfall (55 Horseshoes, 330 XP)
  • Fishin’ Hole (20 Horseshoes, 120 XP)
  • Hot Tub (18 Horseshoes, 108 XP)
  • Frontier Fountain (20 Horseshoes, 120 XP)
  • Ducky Hot Tub (18 Horseshoes (108 XP)

The new water decorations are animated, which make them good additions to your homestead in Frontierville. If you got extra horseshoes then splurge on the limited edition items. But for my homestead, I got the Swimmin’ Hole and the Iron Fountain because I’m low on Horseshoes.