Fighting takes a new twist in Mafia Wars Vegas. Welcome to the new Fight Club Tournaments. Here’s your chance to be a World Champion.

Aside from the regular fighting, you can choose to join a Tournament. Once you clicked on the Tournaments tab, you will be asked to select your weight class. This will determine the difficulty of your fights in the tournament.

Each tournament has three different championship levels, which are Regionals, Nationals, and World. Each level has three fight rounds that you must win to take the title. As you advance in level, the fights become more challenging and will require a lot more stamina and Vegas Chips.

When you win a tournament, you’ll be rewarded with Vegas Chips, Fans, Experience, and Victory Tokens. The latter you can use in the marketplace in the future. You can advance weight class by winning the Regional championship in your current weight class.

You can make more Vegas Chips in the Fight Club Tournaments by betting on fights. To win, you must successfully pick the winner of all three rounds.

The last step is the Fight. Click on the Fight Round Button to find out the winner of each round of the tournament. Or you can skip the rounds and click on the Fight All Rounds Button to see the result of the event.

Have you won a tournament yet? What’s your Weight Class?