Teased for such a long while, the Boat Upgrades have finally made their debut in Treasure Isle but they will probably disappoint some of the people who were expecting to see them released since they can only be purchased for Island Cash – and not a few, either! Read on to find out more about the Treasure Isle Boat Upgrades.

Actually turning your existing boat into a better looking one, there are different types of boat upgrades you can purchase for 35 Island Cash – purchasing any of the following items gives you +1 Max Energy:

– Chinese Punt
– Doggie Boat
– Dragon Boat
– Haunted Boat
– Hotrod Boat
– Landing Craft
– Pirate Rowboat

Also, there is one boat that costs 50 IC and gives you +2 Max Energy, the Dreamboat. All the boat upgrades can be found in the marketplace.

Will you purchase a boat upgrade for your Treasure Isle boat?