Zynga is on the cross-promotion once again after firing up the Cafe World Super Stove Mafia Wars promotion. This time it’s FarmVille and the requirements are lower to get some extra fuel in your tanks to help you harvest, plow and seed crops easier in the game.

All you have to do in order to get a shot at some extra fuel (up to five tanks of fuel which are really easy to find) is to click the dice icon to the left of the screen in FarmVille and click the Accept button after the following prompt appears:

“Gain a level in Mafia Wars Vegas and get FarmVille Fuel! The odds of earning five tanks of fuel are better than ever!”

After clicking the accept button you’ll be taken straight to the Las Vegas section in Mafia Wars and, by doing jobs, you’ll have to level up in order to win some extra FarmVille fuel – and that’s really easy to get!

How many tanks of FarmVille fuel did you receive after leveling up in Mafia Wars?