fireplaceAll Christmas movies have a scene in which some happy family members sit in front of a fireplace and enjoy the holidays – I always wanted to live such an experience but never had the chance. Probably some of you are in the same situation. But now have no reasons to be upset anymore, since the Xbox 360 presents us with the Virtual Fireplace!

It follows the previously released free Holiday Theme and it ads that extra bit of holiday spirit to your screens. The Xbox 360 Virtual Fireplace is a XNA project which, according to Major Nelson will allow you to “Enjoy the awesome ambiance of a crackling fireplace in your living room. With realistic smoldering embers and flickering flames it sets the perfect backdrop for a relaxing evening.”

Although it indeed looks like a very cool thing to have on your screen this Christmas and during those cold days, the Virtual Fireplace has a little problem: it’s kind of expensive, in my humble opinion: 400 MS Points. But it’s clearly cheaper than the real thing, so it’s OK after all.