untitledElectronic Arts has released a second update for their management simulation title FIFA Manager 09, addressing a series of bugs and problems and even adding a few new features, like new training camp features, a notepad and more. This proves that the developers are on the right track with the game and, if things keep going like this, I predict a quite interesting and very close battle between Football and FIFA Manager next year. Until then, here are all the details of the second FIFA Manager 09 patch:

Live Ticker
– Live Ticker: Referee pictures are displayed (user generated content)
– Live Ticker: Number of assists is displayed after a goal (league matches)
– Live Ticker: Team Status is displayed

3D Match
– 3D match improvements (Version 3)
– 3D camera improvements (TV and free camera)

– Improved database (12.12.08)

Other features
– Notepad added
– Instant Calculation mode now shows the last 5 events
– New training camp features (more camps, improved calculation of the effects, option to add your own training camps)
– Player character icons now displayed on the player info screen
– Several smaller improvements (e.g. youth player scouting, night matches in generic stadiums)

Fixed Bugs
– Various bug fixes

You can grab the latest FIFA Manager 09 update here. And while you’re downloading, you can check out our review of the game.