aquapolis-screenBig Fish Games has launched a brand new casual title, and a Big Fish exclusive, too, so if you feel like building a true underwater megalopolis, they’re the place you should go visit and make the purchase of Aquapolis, the game we’re talking about. But, of course, only after you read some more about Aquapolis in this article, so you know exactly if you want the game or not.

If I am to try and make a really poor joke, I can say that Aquapolis is the real-estate game for the crysis: it goes underwater, where everything is still working as it should. So, knowing that, you will have to start building houses and resorts and eventually develop a really joyful neighborhood for the thriving oceanic communities.

Combining time management with a few strategy and tycoon elements, Aquapolis comes with unlockable levels and buildings, a lot of neighborhoods to develop and, overall, tons of fun for that part in you that’s screaming for some more, cheap casual games. The best part is that you don’t need a powerful computer to run the game, which also helps with the recession. Here are the game’s system requirements:

– OS: Windows XP/Vista
– CPU: 2.0 GHz
– RAM: 512 MB
– DirectX: 7.0
– Hard Drive: 71 MB

If everything seems to be OK and you’re ready to give Aquapolis a try you can go over to Big Fish Games and try the trial version or buy the full game directly for just $7.