2013 has been an amazing year for gamers. True there have been times that we have found ourselves confused, upset and angry at all kinds of incidents. However, regardless of all the controversy from all corners of the gaming industry there have always been games which have made everything worthwhile. There are always games that may let us down, some are downright awful, but throughout the year there have been so many games that have made this an amazing year to be a gamer. Here are 6 games that I have enjoyed playing and if you had the option to play them I hope you did. If not it’s never to late.

NOTE: This is not a top 6 list, nor are the games listed in any kind of order. These are simply some of the best games released in 2013 that have made this a great year and I hope everyone has the opportunity to experience most of them.

Tomb Raider

15- tomb-raider-2012

Lara Croft made her triumphant return in a game that made us excited for Tomb Raider again. A new look and new combat system combined with a great story and graphics made the Tomb Raider game many have been waiting for. One of the best adventure games in a long time is not without it’s faults however. Killing hordes of enemies and the lack of real puzzles or actual tombs to explore do hold the game back at times. Fears that it may just be a Uncharted clone however were proven to be false as you control Lara in a huge and rich environment as you battle for survival against both soldiers and the island itself. A game to savour and a franchise that in the future be one of the best around.

Merto: Last Light


Anything but a generic first person shooter, Metro: Last Light is probably the best example of the FPS in all of 2013. The setting, presentation and story are all sensational. Both stealth and survival elements have been added to the standard FPS gameplay make this a game that even someone burnt out on first person shooters take notice. Small touches in the way the gun operate for example add so much to the experience where players take on humans and monster to survive in this post apocalyptic world that is a joy to explore and play through. A game not to be missed for anyone who enjoys FPS games.

The Last of Us


the last of us


A game that has received so much acclaim from both the media and players alike, there is no doubt the The Last of Us is one of the best games of the year if not the whole generation. Although the gameplay may not be as spectacular or precise as other Naughty Dog games such as Uncharted, everything else is exceptional. The voice acting, sound and level design, story, characterisation and being able to deal with multiple hard hitting themes helps create a game not to be missed. A story beautifully told, graphics to die for and gameplay, although not sensational, has so many weapons to use and items to craft mean fighting, exploring and surviving this world a dream. Even in the calm moments you are totally enthralled with everything this game has to offer that means if you own a Playstation 3 you can play one of the best games in years. If you don’t have a PS3, get one just for this game.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance 

metalgear-solid-risingPlatinum games make exactly what there name suggests, they make excellent games. They took a game that on paper should not have worked and made one of the best games of the year. The Metal Gear Solid games have always focus on very story driven stealth gameplay, hack and slash does not seem a great fit into that world. Apart from issues with the camera at times and the story being a little on the short side, this is a game that appeals to casual players, hack and slash and Metal Gear fans alike. A very well told story combined with very high paced action against multiple types of enemies and epic boss battles makes this a real gem with hidden depth and replay value that makes up for the length of the story. Not to be missed.

Grand Theft Auto 5


The biggest game of the year, possibly ever, that has the quality to match the impressive statistics that it has racked up. GTA5 has everything. Story that combines 3 storylines into one giant adventure, gameplay perfect over a multiple games, a huge world to explore, graphics to make your jaw drop and variation to keep anyone entertained for weeks. With one of the most ambitious online features to be attempted in a game such as this that continues to grow to this day, GTA5 is the definition of value for money. It is not perfect, no game is. Bugs are always a factor and the initial launch of GTA Online was awful, but for the few minutes of annoyance you may experience in this game, you will have hours upon hours of joyous GTA gameplay that has made this one of the best games of its generation.

Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon X and Y picture


A franchise past its prime? Pokemon has been around for such a long time now with little changes to the formula over the years that many had lost interest. X and Y injected a spark back into the franchise in a big way. A real upgrade in graphics, gameplay and story telling  made this a Pokemon game for everyone. Kids will love, they always do. Fans of the series who have been waiting for a real upgrade will enjoy the changes and world to explore. Old players will come back to play with old favourites and new classics. Even if you are a simply a RPG fan, X and Y has depth and allows you create a team to suit you that you could look past it being a Pokemon even if you have never been a fan. It is not revolutionary, it is still a Pokemon game. Changes and new things have been added but it does not change the world. When you see other play it however you will be tempted to buy it yourself. I did along with 2DS to actually play it on.

2013 will be remembered for many reasons. Mainly it will be the year of the Xbox ONE and Playstation 4. It will be the year Esports continue to grow exponentially. In years to come that will be what you remember 2013 was about. You may forget you played Metro: Last Light in 2013. you may forget 2013 was the year GTA5 came out, but you will not forget the games themselves. The memories remain, the highs and the lows, you will remember the games of 2013.