There are seven statues that must be found in Game of Thrones RPG (or The Game, to make sure that nobody thinks that we can somehow play in the movie). Jokes aside, I am sure that you are really curious to know where exactly you can find the Statues in Game of Thrones and that’s exactly why I am here: to share with you the exact locations and help you in your quest.

So let’s start checking out the locations for the Game of Thrones RPG statues below!

Statue 1 – The Warrior
Speak to Walder after the combat training and he will give you the first statue, that will trigger the quest of you finding all the 7 (so you must get 6 more!)

Statue 2 – The Mother
In Chapter 5 of Game of Thrones RPG, in Mole’s Town. Go to Jeyne’s room and you will find the statue in her dresser.

Statue 3 – The Father
In Chapter 7 of the game, you can get the statue from the room where you read Mors’ father letter, from the dresser.

Statue 4 – The Maiden
In Chapter 8, complete the Self-Maid Girl side-quest and get the statue from Bethany (after you send her back, go and meet her to get the statue). Also as a tip when completing the quest, make sure to save often!

Statue 5 – The Smith
In Chapter 8, go to Riverspring and buy this from the merchant. It costs 1 Gold and 20 Silver Pieces.

Statue 6 – The Stranger
Again in Chapter 8, after completing the Avenge Riverspring side quest, you will find the statue ona desk where you kill Mallador Brax.

Statue 7 – The Crone
In Chapter 12, after a cutscene when you get the message “the castle is yours” get this last statue from Ravella’s body.

There you have it, all the locations of the statues in Game of Thrones RPG. I hope you won’t have any trouble finding them now!