Frontierville has teamed up with Mafia Wars for Zynga’s latest cross promo. In the Sharp Axe Promo, every time you gain a level in Mafia Wars, you earn a Sharp Axe in Frontierville.

A Sharp Axe can help you clear your homestead faster. Using a Sharp Axe is equivalent to four normal tree chops except you only use one energy per Sharp Axe. You can get one Sharp Axe from the Sharp Axe Promo every 16 hours. You also need to be at least level 6 in Mafia Wars to qualify for the promo.

In order to get your Sharp Axe every time you level up in Mafia Wars, you must activate the promo by clicking Yes on the promo pop up. The other choices are No and Maybe Later.

When you click on Yes, your Mafia Wars account will open on a new window that will prompt you to start playing Mafia Wars. Now gain one level and you’ll get a Sharp Axe.

Frontierville and Mafia Wars are two of Zynga’s most popular games and this will benefit a lot of players. What do you think about this new Zynga cross promo?