We’ve been promised new fruits to be available in Treasure Isle for a while now and Zynga rolled them in today: therefore, starting today, we can all plant Passionfruits and Dragonfruits in the game. But this news might not be just as great as it first sounds.

Why? Well, because the new Treasure Isle crops can only be purchased for Island Cash, which will certainly stop a lot of players from purchasing. Either way, here are the stats for the new plantable Treasure Isle fruits:

Treasure Isle Passionfruit
Costs: 2 Isle Cash
Ready in: 2 Hours
Gives: 15 energy

Treasure Isle Dragonfruit
Costs: 4 Isle Cash
Ready in: 1 day
Gives: 45 Energy

It is unclear at the moment if the fruits expire or the crops wither.

Will you purchase and plant any of the new Treasure Isle fruits?