As if Treasure Isle hasn’t impressed us enough already there is a new contest in the works! If you play this treasure finding game then you will know that having a million in island cash is a huge bonus for game play. Island cash is used to buy special items that game coins cannot buy because you must pay real money to the game in order for it to be converted into Island Cash.

There is also a 10% off sale that has been in available to all players for several days. Aside from actually buying your own island cash you should concentrate on the contest so that you can win One Million Island Cash Dollars in Treasure Isle! There are so many things that you will be able to purchase from the game so come on and join in the fun!

All you need to do is to Conquer the Monkey Palace with the fewest digs in the world. That basically means that the player who completes Monkey Palace by digging the least amount of times will win a lot of Island cash that they can spend however they wish – and there’s nothing you have to do in order to join the contest, just start digging!

So come join in on the digging fun so that you too may have the chance to be an Island Cash Millionaire. See you on the islands fellow treasure finder!