Treasure Isle now has a new region for the hardcore fans to visit – the Monkey Palace, something which is really similar in concept with the Fire God Mountain. However, since it comes with a new theme, new items and a new feeling, I’m sure we should all be happy with the introduction of the Monkey Palace. And if you wish to know everything about this new addition, read on!

How do you travel to the Monkey Palace? You will have to head to the Tiki Isles III Maps and click the map there. In order to enter the Monkey Palace, you will need 4 Golden Tickets. Also, for your first visit only you will need a Fairy Wand and Monkey Cymbals.

Similar to the Fire God Mountain, the goal in the Monkey Palace is to find the only treasure that’s buried somewhere around in the least number of digs, using the hints for clues. There are a total of 7 rooms to explore with the last being the Throne Room where you can speak to the Monkey King itself!

You will also encounter a Bonus Monkey while in the Monkey Palace every time you complete a room in the palace. This monkey is carrying a treasure on its head and it will trade it for some coins – inside you can find collectibles and treasures (one per trade and the price varies).

Also, another difference in the Treasure Isle Monkey Palace is the fact that you won’t encounter locked doors that can be unlocked with gems, but Gorillas that must be fed bananas to go away.

Once you reach the final stage and talk to the Monkey King, you will receive various rewards based on your performance – the less digs you used to find the treasure, the bigger the rewards and mastery points. There are more mastery levels you can achieve, but for now it’s unclear what does the mastery level mean…

Have you entered the Monkey Palace yet?