Fighters are fighting as fast as their stamina permits them to get to Fight Mastery Level 21 in Mafia Wars. The faster they reach level 21, the quicker they unlock the high end loots in the Fight Club page found in the Marketplace. The three incredible  items are:

  • Glance 32 SR (33 Attack 72 Defense)
  • Hazard Gear (35 Attack 71 Defense)
  • Silenced Sniper Rifle (70 Attack 28 Defense)

The three items are available once you hit Fight Mastery Level 21. You’ll need to win 100,000 fights to reach the coveted level. These items cost 25 Victory Coins each and you can only buy one type of loot once a week. That will take you a long time to collect 501 pieces of each item.

If you’re a fighter, it is best to save your Victory Coins than buying the low level items. That way you’ll have lots to spend once you reach Fighter Mastery Level 21 in Mafia Wars. When you reach level 21, you’ll also earn the Master Assassin achievement.

What’s your current Fight Mastery Level in Mafia War? What do you do with your Victory Coins?