There is a new series of quests in FrontierVille, introduced today: the Tailor Shop quests. There is a total of 4 new quests for us to complete and I’m sharing all the details and hints on how to complete them faster below:

1st quest: Tailor Shop!
– Plant 30 cotton
– Buy 10 Sheep at the market
– Buy one Lunch at the market

2nd quest: Scouting the Territory
– Feed 10 Sheep
– Get 10 Measurements
– Buy the Tailor Shop at the Market

Tips: Get the measurements by asking your Facebook friends or sending them Measurements.

3rd quest: Getting Started
– Have 1,000 coins
– Feed 10 Sheep
– Harvest 30 cotton

4th quest: Getting to Business
– Finish Building the Tailor Shop
– Get 10 Dress Patterns
– Buy one Suit or Dress inside the Tailor Shop

Tips: you can get the Dress Patterns by asking your friends in FrontierVille!

I hope you have tons of fun completing the four new Tailor Shop quests in FrontierVille. Thanks FrontierVille Info for the details.