Finally, one really expected feature that we’ve been waiting for since the release of the Haunted House in FarmVille, the release of the Halloween Basket, has gone live today in Zynga’s farming simulation and we have all the details about it.

First of all, it’s worth noting that you will receive your Halloween Basket in FarmVille as soon as you start the game and you’ll have to place it anywhere on the farm. Then you can start gathering Halloween Candy (for some reason, all my candy was lost after I placed the basket), and use it to redeem prizes. Here is a complete list of Halloween Basket redeem prizes and their cost in Halloween Candy:

Pumpkin Topiary – 15 Halloween Candy
Scared Ewe – 30 Halloween Candy
Candied Gnome – 50 Halloween Candy
Skele-Scarecrow – 70 Halloween Candy
Bat Tree – 120 Halloween Candy
Pumpkin House – 220 Halloween Candy

There’s a lot of candy you need to get the most valuable prizes, so you’d better start gathering some right away. Remember that you can get more candy for your FarmVille Halloween Basket by collecting daily from your Haunted House, getting the rewards from the Facebook wall or visiting your neighbors. Good luck!