Medal of Honor takes shooting simulation to a whole new level of realism and one of the main contributing factors is the huge arsenal the players have at their disposal in the game. All the virtual weapons that are available in the game are listed below, in this complete list of Medal of Honor Weapons!


1. Sig P226
2 Beretta M9
3 Izhmash MP-443 Grach

Submachine Guns

1 Heckler & Koch MP7A1
2 FN P90TR

Assault Rifles

1 FN F2000 Tactical
2 Heckler & Koch G3A4
3 Colt M16A4
4 Colt M4A1
5 AK-47
6 Kalashnikov AKS-74U/PA

Machine Guns

1 Mk. 46 Mod 0
2 Kalashnikov PKM
3 Kalashnikov RPK
4 FN M240
5 M60E3


1 Remington 870
2 Tula Arms TOZ-194
3 Benelli M1014

Sniper Rifles

1 M21
2 Norinco NDM-86
3 M24
4 Izhmash SV-98
5 Barret M107
6 M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System/SR-25

Heavy Weapons

1 Degtyarev Kord
2 GE M134 Minigun


1 Saab M136 AT4
2 Bazalt RPG-7
3 Colt M203
4 KBP GP-25
5 FN GL1

1 C4
2 Improvised Explosive Device

Well, there are a ton of weapons in Medal of Honor so let us know which is your favorite!