The Silence Don Romo limited edition event in Mafia Wars is certainly a “must complete” for all the players, and one of the requirements to finish this event is to complete the Pasta Collection – in this article I will share with you all the details on this new Mafia Wars collection and how to complete it as fast as possible!

There are 7 collectibles in the Pasta Collection and here is their names and how to get them:

– Conchiglie: from doing the Silence Don Romo Jobs
– Farfalle: from doing the Silence Don Romo Jobs
– Lasagna: from fighting
– Manicotti: from fighting
– Rotini: from jobs (any job, any city)
– Spaghetti: from jobs (any job, any city)
– Ziti – free gift from Mafia members

If you manage to find all these items in time (for me, the hardest to get are the Rotini and Spaghetti), you can trade in the Pasta Collection for a really cool reward: the Home Cooked Meal, which gives 18 Attack and 68 Defense.

Good luck completing the Pasta Collection in Mafia Wars!