As I told you in the previous article about the brand new FrontierVille Tailor Shop Quests, there is a new building in Zynga’s game, the Tailor Shop as well as a new collection, the Tailor Shop Collection. In this article I’m sharing with you all the details on these new items so you can be better prepared to purchase or complete them!

First of all, the first thing you’ll build is the Tailor Shop, after purchasing it from the market for 800 coins and 11 wood. After placing it on the homestead, you will need to complete it by having the required number of building materials (ask friends to get them):

– 5 Shingles
– 5 Mallets
– 5 Pegs
– 5 Windows
– 10 Measuring Tapes
– 10 Hangers

After completing the Tailor Shop, you can collect the daily bonus which might drop collectibles for the Tailor Shop Collection, or you can go inside and purchase any of the following outfits for FrontierVille:

– Blue Cowboy (20 cloth, 2,000 coins)
– Red Cowboy (25 cloth, 3,500 coins)
– Black Outlaw (27 HS)
– Red Dress (32 HS)
– Blue Dress (15 cloth, 2,000 coins)
– Woman’s Pants (25 cloth, 3,500 coins)

As I was telling, there is also a new Tailor Shop collection which can be completed and traded in for 3 cloth and 100 coins as a reward. You can complete the collection by collecting the following FrontierVille item drops:

– Yellow button
– Red button
– Purple button
– Green button
– Blue button

[via FrontierVille Info]