freaky-creaturesThe Freaky Creatures MMO is getting its first expansion pack since launch, one smartly named Freaky Space. Just as the name suggests, in Freaky Space the players will use space crafts to lift off their planets and take the fighting to the stars, discovering an all-new, unexplored space. The only “problem” with the expansion is that it is still in beta and you’ll have to wait a little longer before experiencing its greatness.

According to Freaky Creatures’ developers Abandon Interactive, the Freaky Space expansion doubles the size of the game’s universe, introducing all-new player-versus-environment gameplay and multiplayer intergalactic battles. In the MMO, you can join one of the four alien races and numerous factions as you journey to the edges of the Freaky Creatures universe. As you enter Freaky Space, you will encounter dozens of characters and become part of all-new storylines.

“Freaky Space is the next step in our expansion plans for the Freaky Creatures universe and continues Abandon’s commitment to offering engaging, original content to reward our community,” said Jamie Ottilie, President and COO of Abandon Interactive Entertainment. “With an entire new galaxy to explore and multiple new gameplay mechanics, all of our players are sure to find something new to enjoy.”

Check out for more details at the game’s official website. If you would like something that is, in concept, similar with Freaky Creatures, but it’s completely free to play, try MyBrute.