screen_dungeonparty_19Dungeon Party is a team-based, free to play MMORPG created by French developers Cyanide, and promising to become one of the most successful and high quality massively multiplayer online games on the market. Why? Well… there are tons of reasons and I’ll try to address the most important below, in the Dungeon Party game overview.

First of all, the virtual world of the game is a zany and funny one: a fantastic world filled with crazy looking monsters, with huge treasures waiting for you to unravel them and lots of dungeons to visit. Even more, those who have the skills, dedication and necessarily free time are also able to create their own dungeons and share them with the world, thus assuring all the players that they will never run out of areas to explore.

Your Dungeon Party character is highly customizable, with the only downturn being the fact that there are just three types to choose from: the thief, the executioner and the wizard. However, since there are tons of items and ways to develop your character, you will soon realize that these three classes are quite enough! Even more, it seems that Cyanide are preparing a fourth class for the game, so you might keep your eyes on the official website.

All in all, Dungeon Party promises a lot of good time for those interested in guild or team-based gameplay. So gather your friends and give the game a try over at its official website! Also, check out a fun Dungeon Party official trailer below: