eudemonsscreenshotTQ Digital has announced the upcoming release of the Eudemons expansion, The Divine Path, which will be made available for download on May 8. In this expansion, the Twelve Olympians are planning to reorder the mortal world, which means, in our terms, that great adventurers will start a new journey in the once forbidden Divine Realm and have the fun of their lifetime!

This Divine Realm, just as its name suggests, is filled with magnificent golden statues and all sorts of riches, as well as tons of monsters for you to slay and treasures for you to find. Lots of quest also await you there, so that should be the first thing you should visit once this Eudemons expansion is launched.

The Divine Path will also introduce the Godship, a string of gritty tests only for the bravest and most skilled warriors, that will offer them god-like abilities! Also, the Divine Eudemons will accompany their masters to endure the ultimate test of the Olympic gods. If you manage to pass the test, the Eudemon (40 star one!) will apotheosize with the adventurers, into divine eudemons. And finally, you will be able to forge Divine Equipment, using rare gems and such.

Also, in order to celebrate the release of The Divine Path expansion, TQ Digital is preparing a series of events, so keep your eyes on Eudemons, otherwise you might miss something really important!