Every Friday, I’m going to be bringing you the very best and perhaps, sometimes, the very worst in recorded, edited and published gaming videos.

This Frag video Friday, I’ll be sharing with you what is quite literally my favourite frag video of all time: DaHanG 2010 by Justin White of Torn Productions.

I’ve spent quite a lot of time on Quake personally, and I can appreciate the amount of thought, aim and all-round skill that needs to be put into the game to be the World’s best. This frag video shows just what happens when one of the best Quake players turns the heat up:

Editing: 10/10. As I said, this is my favourite video! I can’t think of anything against it. The editing is clean, slow-motion is used in moderation and the colours really show the beauty of the game.

Content: 10/10. Some of DaHanG’s best moments, compact into a 5 minute video – what more could you ask for in terms of content? Many of the plays involve amazing skill, and it’s great to be able to see it on show.

Music: 10/10. Probably very biased of me, considering I’ve been listening to The Glitch Mob for a long time myself now. Truth be told, it all originated from this video! A very original piece of music to use, and one which allows Justin to show off Quakes fast paced nature.

Favourite moment: the clip starting at 1:28. Not because of the frag itself, but because of the editing – and let me say, simple editing has definitely done this video a lot of good. When the plasma shots are timed to the claps in the tune, and then the rail with the beat coming back on – it’s just so damned good!

A runner-up favourite moment would definitely be the first frag clip, starting at 0:16. Not simply because it’s a great frag, but because everything necessary to kill a fresh spawn hits. Without the Quake knowledge, it wouldn’t be such a great frag – but three plasma shots and a single rail is exactly enough to kill somebody who has recently spawned. It is quite literally the most efficient kill I have ever seen!

What do you guys think of the movie? Comment below!