Every Friday, I’m going to be bringing you the very best and perhaps, sometimes, the very worst in recorded, edited and published gaming videos.

This Frag video Friday, I won’t be bringing you a frag video per se, but instead, a de-frag video – videos that contain no frags, but usually in-game skills (most of the time, mad rocket jumping and air-strafing skills).

I know last week’s video was a Quake one, but Quake just IS (in my opinion) THE best game to watch. The amount of skill needed in a professional game of Quake is admirable, and it’s great to see it portrayed in a few minutes of kick-ass editing action. However: this isn’t professional Quake… and it isn’t just a few minutes! But believe me – every minute of this 13-minute long jumping extravaganza is completely worth your time.

Editing: 7/10. As much as I love the video, it saddens me to say no extensive work went into making it look as good as it could be. However, this does give it a lot of good points too – you get a calm, jump movie, with no huge bloom or fast-paced camera zooming to ruin anything. The simplistic editing really allows you to admire how skilled these people are.

Content: 10/10. No doubt. As a huge lover of Quake, I’ve watched many frag and de-frag videos, and this one just takes the cake. It is the best jump movie I have seen in my life, and I doubt it’ll get de-throned any time soon.

Music: 7/10. A very relaxing piece of music starts off, and then it picks up pace as the jumps become faster. Not my cup of tea for casual listening, but, like the editing, definitely allowed you to ‘ignore it’ and soak in how much skill was in the video itself.

Favourite moment: Any part featuring the player buddha (sometimes spelt ‘buDDha’ – genuinely unsure if it’s two different people), especially the clip starting at 2:50. It amazes me how people can have such muscle memory and twitch aim and still be able to focus on reaching a specific target at the end of a jump.

What do you guys think of the movie? Comment below!