fort-zombie-all-zombiesWe all love zombies here in the Unigamesity and I’m really glad to see that game developers are starting to like them as well and deliver us tons of new games with zombies. Fort Zombie is the latest entry on the list and we should all welcome it to the club, since it shows great promise.

Developed by Paradox Interactive, Fort Zombie is an action RPG game set in Piety, Indiana, a small town that faces a huge zombie infestation. You are one of the very few survivors and in order to keep it that way, you have to do just one thing: find shelter and fight for your life.

In what seems awfully similar to the hit flash series Endless Zombie Rampage, we will have to build up the fort at day, as well as search for new survivors and train them to use weapons, while getting ready to fight against the zombies at night. And no, video game characters don’t need to sleep!

It might be a bit more interesting, though with a huge replay value: you will only be allowed to take control of one building in town – a town where obviously there are more buildings and probably each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Add to that different challenges, rewards and multiple paths and you’ll have a really promising title coming up this fall. I am thrilled and I can hardly wait to play it. Bring them on!


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