There are lots of rumors that the upcoming Mortal Kombat game from Nether Realm studios will be heading to PCs and that’s why I’m sharing the trailer and screenshots with you – let’s just hope that indeed the game will see daylight on computers too, otherwise it will be a real loss!

The new Mortal Kombat trailer you can check out below shows us bits from the stage “The Pitt” and some shadow fighting from the classic characters – a pretty cool display, I must admit, one that makes me hope that the game will indeed be released on PCs as well! Also, as you can see, the soundtrack is amazing as well!

The new Mortal Kombat appears to take it back to the basics with the focus of the developers being on the core game and brutal fighting, with no intrusions from fighters from another Universe, which sounds really great. As I kept saying, let’s hope that the upcoming Mortal Kombat will indeed deliver the action it used to and that it will also be released on PCs!

Now here is the MK trailer I’ve talked about:

And here are some screenshots from the game: