Sports Interactive’s Miles Jacobsen has decided to reveal four new features for Football Manager 2011 over at the official FM forums and I am happy to share them with you (and honestly, these seem at least as exciting as the first features that have been announced!):

Press Conference revamp – Not just a new look, and not just 150+ new press conference questions, but also all of the previous 500+ press conference questions have been fully reviewed, with possible answers revised where necessary, leading to press conferences being more intuitive.

Newgen revamp – Newly generated players are now created using a new system that looks at player templates for different styles of player, as well as taking national traits into account, to ensure that the types of player in the game are constant throughout the life of your own saved game.

Squad registration / squad number split – We’ve separated out the squad registration and squad numbering screens, so you can now give squad numbers to players who don’t need to be registered.

Match analysis improvements – lots of new options available on the match analysis chalkboard, with offsides, free kicks, corners, throw ins, clear cut chances, half chances all now available to analysis via the system, as well as the option to show match actions for all the players of the team at the same time, rather than having to look at them all separately. There is also a new view for average positions of players during the match and a heat map view showing where they’ve spent most time on the pitch.

And this, my friends, is amazing! I’m happy to hear about the new regen system, even though I hope that it won’t create the same players over and over again and basically keep all the nations at the same value over time… Also, I’m very pleased to hear about the new match analysis system, especially the heat map. This way, it will be even easier for us to tweak our tactics!

What do you think about Football Manager 2011? Already a blast?