fight-night-round-4-coverThe best two boxers of all time, Muhammad Ali, and “Iron” Mike Tyson will be EA’s superstars on the cover of Fight Night Round 4, the upcoming simulation from Electronic Arts. The fact that the two champions are featured together is the result of a poll EA had on website Ali or Tyson.

Muhammad Ali, the most celebrated boxer of all time, was famous for his quick tongue and his even quicker hands that wore down his opponents fight after fight. Ali was the first fighter in history to win the undisputed heavyweight championship three times, and is highly revered for his contribution to the sport of boxing. Mike Tyson, a knock out legend, will join Ali on the cover. The youngest boxer ever to win a heavyweight championship, Tyson enthralled the world with his precision, power, and ability to put away his opponents in the first round. These two boxing icons finally come face to face in Fight Night Round 4.

“I’m honored to be on the cover of Fight Night Round 4 with Ali. He was a special champ, and I have the highest respect for him as a person and a fighter” said Tyson. “People always ask me if I think I would have beaten Ali if I had the chance to fight him when we were both in our prime. Now you can figure it out for yourselves. Fight Night puts you right in that ring and gives you the gloves to settle the score.”

It’s worth noting that the addition of Iron Mike on the rooster brings the boxer back into play after about 10 years in which he didn’t star in any videogames. And what a nice way he had found to start over again!