killzone-2-shootI have just noticed that over at the Killzone 2 official website there is a comprehensive Q&A with game’s Senior Online Game Designer Eric Boltjes on a series of Killzone 2 issues which seem to worry Killzone 2 players. I am sure, however, that after releasing this impressive Q&A on Guerrilla Games’ successful FPS, most of us will be completely satisfied. Read on to find out the official answers to many game related problems!

Some dedicated players feel the top ranks of the game are too easy to achieve. Could you explain how the scoring/ranking-mechanism came about?
Ranks are only a third of the entire progression; ribbons and medals are the bigger part. These unlock secondary badge abilities and things like more starting ammunition, more grenades, improved sniper zoom etc.

Apparently, people have been using bots to score points to rank up as quickly as possible. Surely, that can’t be right?
We have disabled bots for online games for now with a hotfix and we are working on a proper solution as we speak. This basically means that bots will be back soon, but they’ll be in unranked games.

How come the site is slow/down and what is Guerrilla Games doing to fix it?
We simply have way more people visiting the website than anticipated! We are currently working on improving the website performance. This means we had to temporary shut down some functionality, like statistics, battle replays and clan-pages, but we’re working aournd the clock to get it all back online.

Does this also affect the statistics that are currently down? And what about previously gained stats? Are these saved anywhere or are they gone forever?
Don’t worry, all statistics are still being saved as they are shown in-game and will return on as soon as we get our full functionality back online.

Why don’t we get answers to all our questions on the forum? It appears there’s a lot of useful feedback coming from the community.
Well, we try to be as active as possible but at the moment, there are so many threads and posts that we cannot reply to everyone. It’s a bit overwhelming, to be honest. And besides, we are also very busy actually working on fixing problems that are being posted. But rest assured, we are definitely reading and are doing everything we can to get all the right information to the right people!

Some players are getting weird error codes when they try to connect. Could you give us the translation of the most common error-messages?
There’s quite a lot of variety behind the different error messages, so my advice would be to post network errors on the forums with as much details as possible. Posting your psn-name, time of error, what country you’re in and what you were doing before you got the error message really helps us a lot in pinpointing and solving errors.

A question about Team Talk. Why do we have to communicate in squads and proximity only?
We felt it was tactically/gameplay-wise more interesting to do it this way and specifically chose not to allow everyone to talk with everybody. It is more realistic and we felt it created a quite cool dynamic in the game.

For more details on Killzone 2 keep an eye on the game’s official website and, of course, check back on Unigamesity!