trackmaniaThe PC version of TrackMania, a zany a free to play racing game, was (and still is) simply incredible, and I see no reason why the handheld version wouldn’t be similar. However, if you have doubts regarding the title, you now have the chance to make them vanquish by trying the DS demo of the game which is only available for a limited period of time.

In advance of the game’s release on March 17th, Wii owners connected to Nintendo Channel can play sample portions of TrackMania DS by downloading the demo to their Nintendo DS handhelds. The “teaser” will feature three tracks from the final game, three courses which increase in difficulty, length, and complexity and which also promise to prove you just how fun TrackMania DS really is!

And if you enjoy it, you should know that the final game comes with over 100 tracks, spanning three unique environments (Stadium, Desert, and Rally) and multiple difficulty settings. The final game also includes multiple play modes, including Platform and Puzzle modes, which each take the base TrackMania gameplay and introduce a challenging new twist. Best of all, the full version of TrackMania DS includes a powerful Track Design System, allowing players to create custom courses, share them with friends via local wireless support, and then race on those creations. But that only on the 17th of March, so better go get the demo NOW!