Youtubers won’t be able to monetise gameplay of FFXIV A Realm Reborn, publisher Square Enix revealed today in a material usage license.

The document states that “You may not monetize your video via the YouTube partner program or any similar programs on other video sharing sites.”

This is a similar move to that made by Nintendo earlier this year, and it’s one that takes much of the incentive out of making Let’s Plays or walkthroughs of the games in question.

The document also states that “You may not combine or synchronize the Materials with third party content (e.g., a mash-up), but you may include the Materials alongside third party content (e.g., before or after in the same video) as long as you also have permission from the original copyright owner).”

This rules out use of FFXIV gameplay footage in clip videos on Youtube. Many content creators simply don’t seek legal permission before hacking together videos from dozen games and TV shows, and if FFXIV limits them in this regard, most content creators will likely ignore the game in favour of ones that are legally more friendly.