FarmVille Puppies Grow Up Into Adult Dogs Now!

FarmVille Puppies Grow Up Into Adult Dogs Now!

If you were one of the first people to purchase a FarmVille puppy and took good care of the little fellow, it means that you’ve fed it or are about to feed it for the 14th time and make it grow up into a healthy, adult dog (it’s “health” is not influenced by losing it to the pond).

Here’s the message you’ll receive: “Good job of taking care of your buddy! Now you can feed your dog treats every day and teach him new tricks. If you miss a day you have to start over.”

We’ll talk about the tricks in a guide that’s coming up in the Unigamesity, but until then a few more details about the adult dogs: you don’t have to feed them anymore and the tricks learning via the treats are completely optional. Adult dogs will do new tricks and also help you around the farm, as I’ve already explained in the post about the FarmVille dog benefits.

Are you happy with your grown up FarmVille dog?