Zynga seems to be in a really “gifting mood” nowadays, at least when it comes to Cafe World – after daily free Cafe Cash rewards, they are now offering their fans up to four free Cafe Cash. I’m sure you really want them – they’re the Cafe World Reactivation Cafe Cash, so read on to find out more about them and how to get them.

Basically, Zynga is offering the free Cafe Cash for reactivating Cafe World, so if you’re a regular player it would be a bit too difficult to grab the free money. However, fortunately for all of us, the links are the same for all the players so all you need is to click them in order to get the Cafe Cash. And, you’ve guessed it right, I have the links for you.

So if you want to get 4 FREE Cafe Cash in Cafe World, click the links below:

Link 1 (3 Cafe Cash)
Link 2 (1 Cafe Cash)

Zynga might fix this anytime, so act fast to get the cash! And enjoy spending it on great premium items!