When the FarmVille dog was first announced, we never knew that there will be benefits for owning one but Zynga decided to surprise us once again and introduced the puppies alongside some really cool benefits. If you are curious to know which are the benefits of owning a specific dog breed in FarmVille, read on.

First of, it’s worth noting that before growing to be adult dogs, you’ll have puppies in FarmVille which give you no in-game benefits. Only grown-up dogs (dogs fed 14 times with puppy kibble) offer benefits. Here they are:

Golden Retriever – can fetch things for you
Sheep Dog – can harvest all your sheep
Border Collie – can work alongside other animals.
Terrier – can harvest all your rabbits

We’ll make sure to update this list when new dog breeds are launched in FarmVille, so remember to bookmark it to be able to access it faster in the future!

Which is your favorite FarmVille dog breed?