Today’s FarmVille update arrived with a great new gift for the pet lovers: a new puppy that can be grown into a dog, the Terrier Puppy. This one is a really special dog, so read on to find out all the details about it!

What makes the Terrier Puppy amazing is the fact that it can be purchased for only 5,000 regular coins by anybody who has 15 neighbors, which means some amazing savings compared to the regular price of the puppy, which is 65 FV Cash. So if you don’t have enough friends playing Zynga’s farming game, you might wish to get some extra FarmVille neighbors here.

The FarmVille Terrier purchased for regular coins must be fed once per day for 14 days with puppy kibble you can either purchase from the market or receive as gift from your friends. If you forget to feed it, it will run away and you’ll have to rescue it from the pond for 2-3 FarmVille Cash.

Once grown into an adult dog, the FarmVille Terrier puppy will be able to harvest all the rabbits for you, so it will certainly become helpful for us, the farmers!


  1. Great article..thanks! I’ve a terrier puppy question though. I bought the 5,000.00 pup and he and my little girl are the best of friends. I’ve got my little farmer sequestered inside of her yard, surrounded by a fence so she’s trapped, and her pup is with her. But when I leave the game and come back, the pup is in the barnyard and I have to remove one of the fence pieces and then the pup runs into the fenced area. There they are happily together until I leave the game screen and come back..then the pup is once again in the barnyard nowhere near my avatar.

    Any idea how I can keep the pup in the middle fenced yard along with my Avatar?

    THanks for any help!



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