The highly anticipated FarmVille update, the one that finally adds dogs to FarmVille, is here! We can now purchase puppies and enjoy their company in the game. To find out all the cool details, as well as some tips and tricks about the FarmVille puppies/dogs, read on and don’t forget to comment below and let us know what you think ab out this new update!

As rumored in the past, there are four breeds of dogs we can choose from, all pictured below (click image to enlarge):

Golden Retriever
Costs 65 Fv Cash
Colors: gold, cream or mahogany
Will NOT run away if not fed
Grown up Golden Retrievers can fetch things for you!

Sheep Dog
Costs 65 FV Cash
Colors: White, black, gray
Will NOT run away if not fed
Grown up Sheep Dogs can help you harvest your sheep (still not sure how this works!)

Premium Border Collie
Costs 65 FV Cash
Colors: Black, Red, Chocolate
Will NOT run away if not fed
Grown up premium Border Collie can work with other animals  – still no details what this means

Coin Border Collie
Costs 300,000 coins
Colors: Red
Will run away if not fed daily for 14 days (you can retrieve it for FV cash)
It is unknown if the grown up coin Border Collie can work with other animals

As you can see, Zynga certainly wants us to pay lots of cash for this highly anticipated feature and personally I won’t be spending 65 FV Cash for a “premium” dog, no matter how much I want one. I’m sad to see that the developers only care about the money and won’t offer us the gift of a dog, even though everybody expected them for such a long time. Oh well… not all the great things in life are free, right?

What matters is that your puppies must be fed on a daily basis with Puppy Kibble for 14 days – after this period they will turn into adults. As said before, the Border Collie will run away if you don’t feed it every day, so you might want to be sure you can log in at least once per day for the next couple of weeks if you get one! Also, before buying your dog, you can choose its color, name and genre, which is a nice touch from Zynga!

How to get more Kibble? It’s pretty simple: you can either receive it as a gift from your friends, ask for it via a wall posting or simply buy it from the marketplace for the high price of 5 FV cash for one bag of Kibble.

Except for the fact that grown-up dogs can help you in various ways on the farm, they can also run around the farm if not instructed otherwise and follow your avatar wherever it moves. You can also tickle your dog just for fun, too.

And that’s about everything about the FarmVille dogs. Impressed or sad that the prices are so high?