Zynga certainly has an eye open for new hot and coming Facebook games, therefore the company released Treasure Isle, a new social game that rips off Treasure Madness. Of course, Zynga’s title will soon become more popular that Treasure Madness since the company already has an enormous fan base and, why not admit it, really knows how to make an addicting Facebook game.

What is Treasure Isle, then? It’s a treasure hunting little title that puts you in the shoes of an adventurer that has to dig on various islands in order to gather treasures and all sorts of goodies and trade them for, of course, tons of money!

Basically, most of the gameplay resumes to your avatar digging holes on the island, hoping to find a treasure inside. You spend energy to dig, and that replenishes naturally or by eating various fruits you can find randomly while digging, you can grow on your own island or receive from your friends.

Actually, that’s the thing that makes Treasure Isle different from Treasure Madness and an interesting game to try out: the fact that you have your own island to decorate as you see fit, to grow crops on – crops that, once harvested, can be used to replenish your health!

Except for that, Treasure Isle doesn’t bring anything new and it’s rather slow, since unlike in Treasure Madness, you’ll have to wait for your avatar to move and dig, something that’s not quite an eye-candy. But the game has just been launched, after all and I’m sure that tons of new features will be introduced really soon – so why not give Treasure Isle a try and see for yourself if you like it or not?