I have posted a really useful complete guide on FarmVille Co-op Farming feature and I promised you a bit of extra details regarding the three new ribbons that were introduced by Zynga to reward those who are good at completing the co-op jobs. Read on to find out everything about the new Co-op farming ribbons and how to get them!

According to the official Zynga forums, the three new ribbons are:

Employee of the Month – Every job that you help a friend complete that results in a Gold medal counts toward this ribbon.
Fabulous Foreman – Every job that you start that gets completed with a Gold medal counts toward this ribbon.
Best of the Rest – Every job that you get the MVP award on counts toward this ribbon. You are the MVP on a job anytime you contribute the highest percentage of work toward completion.

Pretty cool, right? Now we’ll have to spend even more time playing FarmVille! Glad we’re having a few free days to complete all these jobs!