A highly anticipated new FarmVille feature has been released today by Zynga as an Easter present probably: Co-op Farming! I am sure you are curious to find out all the tips and tricks, the strategy and the details regarding this amazing new feature, so prepare to read on a complete guide to Co-Op Farming in FarmVille!

You will be announced via a pop-up that co-op farming has been introduced to the game: “Team up with your neighbors to take on farming challenges” the pop-up will say (if you missed it, click on the small thumbnail image to enlarge it and see it again).

But what is co-op farming in FarmVille? It is a new feature that allows neighbors to complete farming jobs together in order to get huge rewards and expand the game’s social element. Basically, you or your friends will be allowed to ask for help in completing FarmVille jobs (like planting and harvesting a specific number of crops) – then other friends can be recruited to do the job. The sooner you manage to get the desired number of crops, the bigger the rewards will be!

In order to access the co-op farming feature, you will have to click the button to the right of the menu (instead of the delete tool) and a new pop-up will appear, similar to the one below:

There are three tabs in this window, as announced on the official forums:
All Jobs shows what jobs you have available to start, or any jobs that you can join from your neighbors.
Active Jobs will show the progress that you have made on any jobs you have started.
Job History shows your stats for all the jobs you’ve attempted.

When deciding to join a co-op job, you will be shown the possible rewards you can earn if you manage, together with your neighbors, to harvest the required number of crops: the bronze and silver rewards are easier to get and grant you some experience points and coins as a bonus, while the gold reward is more difficult to achieve, but except for the XP and coins, it will also reward all of the team members with special item exclusive to Gold medal winners. In order to see that special item you can win, simply hover your mouse over the gold reward!

How do you start a co-op farming job? To start a job, click the Start button (or in the case of jobs from your neighbors, the Join button) where you’ll be taken to a description of the job, as well as the requirements and rewards. Please note that at the moment of writing this, not every FarmVille player is allowed to start jobs, so if you can’t do so, just have some patience or join an already existing job.

Also have in mind that if you join a co-op farming job started by another player, you can leave at any moment (but receive zero rewards, even if the job is finished in time). However, if you start a job, you can only leave it if all your neighbors leave the job first.

According to the official forums, once you complete a job with your friends, you’ll get the following screen of congratulations:

This po-up window details what medal you were awarded, what percentage of the work each member of your co-op did, and what rewards you’ve received (rewards differ for each jobs). From here, you’ll be able to post a feed announcing your accomplishment, as well offering a special bonus of 100 coins for up to 5 neighbors to collect.

What happens if you fail to finish a co-op farming job? Well.. nothing! You get no rewards, and you’re allowed to join another job, or start a new one.

In order to read more about the Co-op Farming in Farmville, such as details about the three new ribbons and rewards for the jobs, make sure to check back and follow the links to the new posts!

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