A highly anticipated new FarmVille feature has been released today by Zynga as an Easter present probably: Co-op Farming! I am sure you are curious to find out all the tips and tricks, the strategy and the details regarding this amazing new feature, so prepare to read on a complete guide to Co-Op Farming in FarmVille!

You will be announced via a pop-up that co-op farming has been introduced to the game: “Team up with your neighbors to take on farming challenges” the pop-up will say (if you missed it, click on the small thumbnail image to enlarge it and see it again).

But what is co-op farming in FarmVille? It is a new feature that allows neighbors to complete farming jobs together in order to get huge rewards and expand the game’s social element. Basically, you or your friends will be allowed to ask for help in completing FarmVille jobs (like planting and harvesting a specific number of crops) – then other friends can be recruited to do the job. The sooner you manage to get the desired number of crops, the bigger the rewards will be!

In order to access the co-op farming feature, you will have to click the button to the right of the menu (instead of the delete tool) and a new pop-up will appear, similar to the one below:

There are three tabs in this window, as announced on the official forums:
All Jobs shows what jobs you have available to start, or any jobs that you can join from your neighbors.
Active Jobs will show the progress that you have made on any jobs you have started.
Job History shows your stats for all the jobs you’ve attempted.

When deciding to join a co-op job, you will be shown the possible rewards you can earn if you manage, together with your neighbors, to harvest the required number of crops: the bronze and silver rewards are easier to get and grant you some experience points and coins as a bonus, while the gold reward is more difficult to achieve, but except for the XP and coins, it will also reward all of the team members with special item exclusive to Gold medal winners. In order to see that special item you can win, simply hover your mouse over the gold reward!

How do you start a co-op farming job? To start a job, click the Start button (or in the case of jobs from your neighbors, the Join button) where you’ll be taken to a description of the job, as well as the requirements and rewards. Please note that at the moment of writing this, not every FarmVille player is allowed to start jobs, so if you can’t do so, just have some patience or join an already existing job.

Also have in mind that if you join a co-op farming job started by another player, you can leave at any moment (but receive zero rewards, even if the job is finished in time). However, if you start a job, you can only leave it if all your neighbors leave the job first.

According to the official forums, once you complete a job with your friends, you’ll get the following screen of congratulations:

This po-up window details what medal you were awarded, what percentage of the work each member of your co-op did, and what rewards you’ve received (rewards differ for each jobs). From here, you’ll be able to post a feed announcing your accomplishment, as well offering a special bonus of 100 coins for up to 5 neighbors to collect.

What happens if you fail to finish a co-op farming job? Well.. nothing! You get no rewards, and you’re allowed to join another job, or start a new one.

In order to read more about the Co-op Farming in Farmville, such as details about the three new ribbons and rewards for the jobs, make sure to check back and follow the links to the new posts!

Also, feel free to discuss strategies and tips of your own in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this guide on Facebook, Twitter, Digg and send the link to all your friends to help them out!

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  1. You can quit by going to the “Active jobs” section and selecting the option. But, as I wrote in the article, if you have started the co-op farming and there are still members besides you, you can only cancel after everybody else quits.

  2. What actually goes toward the MVP ribbon. Meaning, is that percentage built on both planting and harvesting or just harvesting? I’ve seen people plant the most and harvest only a few and not get the award and then someone who joins late, plants their who field (not contributing to the amount because we have already reached the plant goal) but be the first to harvest and get lots of percentage points.

    • I am wanting to know the same thing as for one who just joins and everything has already been seeded do they get a reward too

  3. What if no one joins the co op I’ve started? Do I still get the xps if I manage to finish it by myself before the bronze time limit is up?

  4. Well. I joined but when I harvest, not all show on job history. Also, do i have to seed from scratch or could i use plants seeded earlier? Please tell me. Thanks.

    • you can get your plants to count, but you have to, plant before harvesting them. If you have like 20 empty plots, you seed them, and then harvest 20 and they’ll count. Then you plow and seed the 20 you just harvested, and keep doing this. You have to keep track of how many you seeded. or the extra one will not count. I usually plant my whole field, then when they are ready to harvest, I start the coop then. I always have 20 empty plots to start. Does that make sense??????

    • You hit the plow button in the bottom right corner of the screen among the tools. When your mouse hovers over it it will show something labeled plow tool which you click. Then in your field click areas where you would like to plant. Ideally the plots are touching for good use of space but it’s your prerogative. Then click on the market button and go to the seeds section. Pick what you want to plant and select it. and click on the plots you plowed to plant.

  5. I’m facing problem from last 15 days. My Job page don’t load jobs. it shows blank window. After that i cant do anything on Farmville. I’ve to restart game. plzz guide

    • This has happened to me today. There aren’t any answers on this website. What can I do to fix this or is it a FV glitch? It has been working fine up until now.

    • Same problem here since today!
      When I click Co-op icon, I see left panel with all 3 options, but they don’t work.
      The screens stays brown.
      And when I click the cross to close tab, if freezes and I can’t go on with the game. I’ve to restart too…
      Any solution for that?

      Thanks in advance!

    • Mine just started acting up this morning after I finished/completed the new co-op for the wheat job. After that – I get blank screen when I click on the Co-op button. Then it freezes also. Need help!

    • I cannot load co-op page for 4 days. It’s blank with only brown screen shown. I cannot close the co-op pages as well..
      It’s not from the computer coz my friend can load his co-op page from my computer while I cannot. It’s because of the account.. :-(
      ็Hope FV will fix it soon.

    • When I click Co-op, I see left panel with all 3 options, but they don’t work.
      The screens stays brown.
      When I start clicking tabs, it freezes. I have to leave FV. This happened after harvesting my wheat crop last night! :(

  6. What happens if I leave a co-op after I plan and gather the crops? The co-ops that I join drag for a long time because somebody always forgets to harvest. Do I loose the points from the reward? I see people from my co-op finishing another co-op while I am still waiting the first one to finish. How is this it possible?

  7. can i ask, why i can’t join the co-op farming with my friends? i’m already in level 21. well, i suppose can join them.. please do help me..

    • From what I see, you can join only co-ops that your friends start. If a friend of a friend starts it, you will not be able to join.

  8. For the past 2 days, I’ve tried to join a co op. I’ve done a number of them before, but now, it doesn’t matter who’s co op I try to join, I get a fail message. I’ve already logged out and rebooted, but that hasn’t helped

    • i am in the same situation as u, i have done several and now the message says this co-op is finished or full!
      I dont understand y i could do several and now none this game is really starting to p me off i have looked it up everywhere contacted FV and no one has an answer and no one looks like fixing the problem either if u find a solution plz let me know thanks

  9. Why can’t i join a co-op on farmville, i have passed level 20 and even if one person is on the co-op it keeps telling me co-op is full

  10. For all the people who’s experiencing the same problem as I do.. where one can’t join co-op jobs because for some reasons it’s full when clearly it’s not.. I’ve found a workaround.. here’s what You need to do..presuming that you are at the co-op menu..

    – start a job ( yes, your own )
    – when it’s created – click return to game..
    – then go back, and quit the job.. after doing so, that’s when you are able to join others for a co-op job.

    • Baguio_Beans Thank you so much your tip worked! I tried it last night but couldn’t go into a co-op as I had a field full of lilacs planted, just harvested them, then went into the co-op jobs & it worked.:)

    • You’re welcome Trudi… another tip: if for instance, you guys got your field full of crops ready to be harvested and has not joined a co-op job yet? you might wanna try leaving them unharvested until you join a co-op job.. normally, if you do join one and harvest it – it will not count.. but there’s a trick to it….. for example : you got your field full of grapes ready to be harvested.. join a job where you harvest grapes.. after joining, harvest 12 of those grapes ( they won’t count – but that is ok ).. plow the plots.. then seed 12 grapes.. this time, the 12 seeded grapes will count.. then again, harvest 12, plow, then seed 12.. it does take time but I think that’s worth it.. that’s how some people get to finish jobs quicker than normal..

  11. Hi there

    If I quit a co-op that I’m in (as a helper), do the crops I have harvested still count towards the co-op? Or does it leave the other members stranded? I am sometimes in co-ops and waiting for so long, and see other co-ops come up that it can get frustrating. I would like to quit but unsure whether it will affect the other members.

    • I’m not quite sure.. but what I believe is that, the crops you seeded and harvested for that current job would still count even if you leave.. haven’t tried doing it yet, so I can’t really confirm.. what you can do is create a test account.. after doing so, start a job.. log-in that test account that you have just registered/created.. then make it join your job.. let it seed 10 crops.. after which, you make it quit the job.. then, go back to your main account.. and check if the seeded crops were counted or not..

  12. Can I plant a crop that is needed for a co-op, wait for it to be ready for harvested, then start the co-op job, harvest, and have those crops count towards the goal? Or must I first create the job and then plant the crops for it to count?

    • If you have your crops ready to be harvested.. and start a job of your own? no, normally – the crops won’t be counted as harvested.. but then again, there’s a trick to it.. what you can do to make it count as explained above is.. HARVEST 20 crops.. PLOW the 20 plots where you have just harvested the crops.. then plant/SEED 20 crops on them.. by this time, those newly seeded crops will count..then you can harvest another 20 ( to which at this time will start to count as harvested).. plow.. then seed again.. harvest another 20.. and so on and so forth.. the number of “harvested” crops that will be counted depends on how many crops you previously “seeded”..

  13. How come I cant join coop farming of my neighbors. it says the farm is full or it does not exist even though it just started. What’s wrong.

  14. Chetchet I found this from Baguio_Beans helpful when I had the same problem as you, its posted further up on this pae but will put here for you:

    For all the people who’s experiencing the same problem as I do.. where one can’t join co-op jobs because for some reasons it’s full when clearly it’s not.. I’ve found a workaround.. here’s what You need to do..presuming that you are at the co-op menu..

    – start a job ( yes, your own )
    – when it’s created – click return to game..
    – then go back, and quit the job.. after doing so, that’s when you are able to join others for a co-op job.

    It does work I used it & it seemed to clear what ever was causing the problem.

  15. Doesn’t it annoy you sometimes that a friend asks you for a certain building (stable, nursery, etc.) material and even if you do want to give it to them, you can’t? For example, they ask for a nail.. and as much as you’d like to help them get it , you can’t, because you can only give a harness or a wooden board? Well, worry no more.. I have found a solution for it.. the following are the links to certain gifts..

    Horse Stable materials:

    1.Nail http://apps.facebook.com/onthefarm/gifts_send.php?gift=nail

    2.Harness http://apps.facebook.com/onthefarm/gifts_send.php?gift=harness

    3.Woodenboard http://apps.facebook.com/onthefarm/gifts_send.php?gift=woodenboard

    4.Brick http://apps.facebook.com/onthefarm/gifts_send.php?gift=brick

    5.Horseshoe http://apps.facebook.com/onthefarm/gifts_send.php?gift=horseshoe

    Nursery Barn Materials :

    1.Bottle http://apps.facebook.com/onthefarm/gifts_send.php?gift=bottle&view=farmville&ref=tab&

    2.Blanket http://apps.facebook.com/onthefarm/gifts_send.php?gift=blanket&view=farmville&ref=tab&

    3.Nail http://apps.facebook.com/onthefarm/gifts_send.php?gift=nail&view=farmville&ref=tab&

    4.Brick http://apps.facebook.com/onthefarm/gifts_send.php?gift=brick&view=farmville&ref=tab&

    5.Woodenboard http://apps.facebook.com/onthefarm/gifts_send.php?gift=woodenboard&view=farmville&ref=tab&

    • so here’s how it works.. let’s say, a friend of yours asks for a horseshoe.. click the link next to the Horseshoe below the Horse Stable materials.. notice the underlined texts? When you click it, it will send you to the free gift page.. then you just have to select that friend’s name.. and send it.. have fun people..

  16. Does anyone know if FV is ever going to give us more farm space? As I have a rather crowded farm, I’m sure others do also. Thanks

    • Alex, you have to be level 20 to be able to participate in co-op farming. I suspect you are below level 20 if you don’t have a co-op button.

  17. Hello, is there a way to kick out farmers that join the co op when is about to end? The last two co ops I’ve had “neighbors” join right at 80% but they did not plant/seed the needed crops and by them joining at the very end doesn’t this add more plots to seed/harvest?

    • NO there’s no way to stop this from happening. I personally delete anyone who joins without an intention to contribute. If they plant the crop but don’t end up contributing I’m a bit more lenient, but if they don’t even plant the crop they’re gone off my list. I consider it a form of cheating – a very easy way to level up without working for it.

  18. i could not complete my coop job because i overlooked 5 plots of crop during harvest and has gone to wither. is there any alternative to complete the coop? i cannot plant again coz planting is done.

    • You can plant more even if the planting is done and it will still count towards the co-op. You could use your biplane if you need to harvest immediately in order to get gold etc. 5 plots would only cost you 1FV cash

  19. I’m also having problems with the co-op it seems to load then just goes to a brown screen, & sits there.Its been like this since last night, is anyone else having the same problem?

  20. Hi, I have had the same problem for the past 3 days (when co-op tab is loading it goes to a blank brown screen then freezes everything). It happened straight after harvesting for the bakery co-op. I have emailed Zynga and they have responded saying that lots of people are reporting this problem and they are looking into it.

    • I think mine also did the same after harvesting wheat for the co-op. Thank you Christine for the information that Zynga are looking into it, I couldn’t find anything about it when I looked up support, earlier today.
      Just wish the would say on the game.

    • Thanks, Christina for the information.
      I’m wondering if people who happened this was MVP and/or had Gold Medal. I was MVP (and Gold Medal) at wheat Co-op. Did you?

      Besides, I saw that when I open a private window chat, this window goes back the game and I must scroll down to see that window. Only happens at FV and after the Co-op wheat.

      One more thing: This bug remains when I click on the box icon and once a day we can send a free gift. After choose friends and send gift, screen remains white (a true blank screen :oP and freezes.

      But If Zynga already knows that, we must be patient.

    • Hi!
      I have the same problem after harvesting wheat today. I am unable to open co op farming page as every time, it turns blank…

  21. Reply for “problem”

    Yes I did get gold but I wasn’t MPV. The problem definately happened immediately after the finishing the wheat co-op. I haven’t had any problems with chat or gifting.

    The bakery co-op prize (truck seeder) also disappeared out of my garage. I was upgrading it minutes after finishing the co-op, it went “out of sync” and when I returned to the garage it had gone.

    Zynga did respond to my email and assured me that they were aware of the co-op tab freezing problem. If you want to contact them regarding your other problems, here’s the way to contact them:

    The more people that contact them the better and hopefully they will feel the pressure to get it resolved. It’s very frustrating not being locked out of co-ops. At least we are not alone with this problem. I’m aware of 3 other neighbours with the same problem, and we all completed the wheat/bakery co-op on Friday.

    • I had just finished a gold medal wheat co-op, but wasn’t the MVP, when my screen went blank yesterday morning. I’ve tried deleting my cache, reloading flash player-to no avail. Glad to hear Zynga is on it.

    • Problem solved here!
      Maybe Zynga did it well, because I didn’t do nothing to solve it.
      Now I see my Co-op’s again :-)

      PS: I saw that they changed the “hatch egg” thing. Now the eggs hatch in just one click, no need to put them on the farm. Perhaps they used the bug fix to make more changes.

      Good luck and thanks for the all the informations!

    • Yes mine is working again too. And the new way of opening mystery gifts and eggs is great – saves a lot of double handling. Well done Zynga!

  22. My co-op page is blank, only brown screen shown and I have to refresh all the time when loading co-op because it always freezing. :-( what can I do to fix it?

  23. Should it not be customary for a player who proposes and starts a co-op to actually have to plant and harvest the crops in his or her own project? I’ve worked with several co-op “owners” now who fail to do a single thing toward the progress of their own projects, yet share the credit at the end. Can’t something be done about this (ie the game denies credit to players with “O” harvest scores)?

    • Yes this is a big problem. I personally think reward should be based on percentage of contribution. Everyone should plant the crop when they start/join a co-op. But for some reason Zynga have set it up so everyone reaps equal rewards.


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