Social games are all about neighbors and having friends to help you and Hotel City makes no exception from the rule: in order to fully experience the game, you need to have at least several really active neighbors to help you. But what to do if none or just too few of your friends are playing Hotel City? Here is how to get more Hotel City neighbors!

It’s really easy – with the help of, you can post your Facebook profile link and share it with thousands of other Hotel City players who will add you as their neighbor and help you succeed in the game!

So how to get your Facebook profile link? It’s pretty simple: just log in to Facebook and right click on your name or “View my profile” (in the upper left corner) and select “Copy Link Location”. Then paste that link as the URL in the comment section below and have fun! Soon you’ll get lots of friend requests from active Hotel City players who will help you play the game and experience it at its fullest! Have fun!

Also, when you get enough Hotel City neighbors, just post a new comment with your name and comment date and let us know you no longer wish to receive requests and we’ll remove your comment! Easy as pie!