Apart from the highly anticipated release of the dogs in FarmVille, Zynga released a new mystery box, the green with dark orange ribbon mystery box. If you’re wondering what’s inside the newly released FarmVille mystery box, read below (you can also check out the image by clicking on it to enlarge)!

So, here is what you can find inside the green mystery box in FarmVille:

Weathervane Houes and 400 XP
Duck Whirligig and 150 XP
Male Mandarin (animal) and 200 XP
Mandarin Pond and 300 XP
Mallard Lounge and 250 XP
Duckling Fountain and 250 XP

Again some really cool items in the mystery box. Just like all the previous mystery boxes, the green on is only available for 7 days and it costs 16 FV cash. What did you find inside yours?