A new and really interesting feature has just been rolled out by Zynga – the battle between the FarmVille Cow and FarmVille Sheep or, better said, the Secret Cow and Secret Sheep. What’s all this “nonsense” about? Read on to find out!

If you head over to the marketplace in FarmVille, you will notice that there are two grayed out animals – the FarmVille Secret Cow and the Secret Sheep and you can become a fan of any. Why would you like to do that, though? Well… because the first animal that gets to TWO million fans will become a new special edition animal. It seems to be a long trip until this happens, but it will certainly be nice to watch, especially to see just how popular FarmVille is.

So, in order to become a fan of your favorite FarmVille animal, all you have to do is visit the Animals section of the FarmVille marketplace and click the “Become a fan” button below your favorite animal. Please note that you DON’T automatically become a fan of that animal, but you’re taken to a new page on Facebook where you have to click the “Become a fan” button once again in order to complete the process.

Or, if you find the instructions above too complicated, simply click this link for the Cow fan page or this link for the Sheep fan page. At the moment of writing, the cows are the leaders, with 430,365 fans wile the Sheep only has 395,203 fans.

Which one is your favorite?