Today when I logged in to my Facebook account, I saw quite a few Cafe World mystery gift requests from my awesome neighbors and I realized that this is a brand new feature from Zynga. So if you’re curious to find out what is the Mystery Gift Box, how to get it and what can you find inside it, read on!

First all, the Mystery Gift is a bonus that comes from the improved Daily Bonus from Cafe World and it is awarded to those chiefs who cook for more than three days in a row in the game.

So how does this work? When somebody gets the daily bonus for cooking for more than three days in a row, they get to post the achievement on their wall. The first person who clicks it gets a sweet bonus, and the next 10 people will get a mystery gift box instead, with the message “Whoops! Looks like all the prizes have been claimed!”

After getting the Mystery Gift, you can also share one with your friends – and that’s the only way to send it as a regular gift, so you’d better make sure you send the Mystergy Gift boxes first, otherwise you’ll run out of requests…

What can you find inside the Mystery Gift in Cafe World? Here’s a list with what I found:

– 4 Cafe Cash!
– Red Smooch Chair
– Baseball Chair
– Happy Tiger Bench
– various amounts of coins, cafe points and a mystery dish

Did you find something else in your Mystery Gift Box? Please share your thoughts with us!