After an unexpected update that turned the FarmVille puppies into adult dogs, Zynga also introduced the Dog Treats in the game and int this article we’ll learn more about these new items, including what are the dog treats, how to use them and where to get them without spending real money.

Let’s start with the beginning – what is the dog treat?
These are new items you can feed your dog with if you want it to learn some extra tricks. One treat helps your dog remember a new treat for a day, so you’ll wish to get as many as possible!

How do you use the dog treat?
It is really simple – To feed your dog the treat, either select “Feed” from the menu, as you used to do with the puppy kibble, or click use on the dog treats in your Gift Box. This will allow you to select which dog you’d like to feed treats to and will also let you see the tricks overview.

How to get more dog treats in FarmVille?
First of all, your main source of dog treat should be gifts from your neighbors – they can send one per day, completely free of charge, so make sure you have enough neighbors. If not, use the Unigamesity to search for more! Alternately, you can buy a 7-pack of dog treat from the marketplace, but that costs 5 FV cash.

Do you have any further questions regarding the FarmVille Dog Treats?


  1. I have taught one trick, but now, despite the fact that I have 18 treats, the only way I can continue with my 2nd trick is to buy 7 more. I don’t want to spend cash…since I already have treats.(and bought 7 yesterday!)If I take them from my gift box to feed the dog, nothing happens. Please help. Thanks, Carol

  2. Do I have to still feed my dog treats after it has mastered its final trick (in this case, “herd.”) Thank you!!!!

  3. No Alicia, once the final trick has been mastered, you no longer have to feed your dog. Basically, you don’t have to feed the dog once it becomes an adult!

  4. In the last paragraph of this article it says “If not, use the Unigamesity to search for more!” What do you mean and how do I do that?

  5. I’m worried about what carol says but I vant answer it so if someone could answer that for us please. Also I think the paragraph of the article means to add friends to your facebook from here so that they will be able to add your farm :)


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