You’ve fed your FarmVille puppy for 14 days, you’ve got a bunch of dog treats and now you want to teach your grown up dog a few tricks, right? Well, in that case you must read this article which is a complete guide to the FarmVille dog tricks, teaching you what to do in order to turn your dog into a real superstar!

So, once a FarmVille puppy grows up, you can start teaching it tricks. In order to do that, click on your dog and select the LOCKED trick (which should be, in the very first case – roll over). This will bring up the dog tricks menu, showing you an overview of the overall progress of your dog. Clicking on the first trick, the Roll Over one, will show you the requirements to learn it – one dog treat in this case, meaning that if you feed your dog one dog treat, it will learn that trick!

To feed your dog the treat, either select Feed from its pulldown menu, or click use on the dog treats in your Gift Box. This will allow you to select which dog you’d like to feed treats to – as explained in our previous Dog Treat guide.

For tricks that require more than one treat, you’ll need to feed your dog once every 24 hours for each day that a treat is required. For example, learning Shake requires three treats. So, when you feed your dog the first treat to begin learning this treat, they’ll be hungry again 24 hours after the first treat. Once they’re hungry again, you’ll need to feed them to continue your progress. After the third treat (on the third day), they’ll have learned Shake. You can only feed your dog once a day.

One exception to this is whenever your dog actually learns a trick. Whenever your dog learns a trick, you can feed them another treat to start learning their next trick whenever you like!

In case you forget to feed your dog a treat, you will have to start over with the trick it was learning and not all tricks – so everything that’s already been learned is safe and will never be forgotten!

I am sure you are curious to see what tricks can your dog learn. Here’s a list of the dog tricks and their requirements:

• 1st Trick – Roll Over, requires 1 Treat
• 2nd Trick – Play Dead, requires 3 Treats
• 3rd Trick – Shake, requires 3 Treats
Final Trick – 7 Treats

The final trick is specific to the dog’s breed and at the moment of writing this article, they’re all secret! Maybe you can help us find them out once they’re unlocked?

And also don’t forget to ask any further questions you might have regarding the FarmVille dog tricks and I’ll do my best to answer them!