farmville-carnival-buildingsNow that we can have enough space in our Farmville farm thanks to the FarmVille storage option, we should prepare for the Country Fair, right? Apparently that’s what Zynga thinks since the company just launched a whole bunch of limited edition Country Fair buildings and decorations – one more amazing than another!

So… which are the Country Fair items you can now buy in FarmVille? We’re talking about new buildings like a Carnival Tent (12,000 coins), a Ticket Booth (4,000 coins) and a wonderful Ferris Wheel that costs 42 FV cash.

farmville-carnival-decorations01There are also tons of new decorations to get your farm ready for the Country Fair, but most of them cost FV cash: the Free Fall Ride (50 FV cash), Deluxe Carousel (35 FV cash), Super Spin Ride (27 FV cash), Farm Float (17 FV cash) and Balloon stand (9). Also, for in-game coins ranging from 2,000 to 20,000 you can buy some great Country Fair decorations like the FarmVille Float, Cotton Candy, Racing Booth, Milk bottle game and a Popcorn Stand.

Yes, in other words, it’s obvious: there’s a carnival coming to FarmVille! What are the details of this? We don’t have them yet, but I do believe that it’s a design competition (or just for fun) and you should get your farm ready for the Country Fair. All the items are only available for 12 days, so if you have plans to turn your FarmVille farm into a full-sized Country Fair, you’d better start now.

And if you manage to create some amazing FarmVille country fair themed farms using these brand new buildings and decorations, send us some pictures using the contact form and we might publish them on the site for all the globe to admire!

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