new-kittens-farmvilleStarting today, we can add next to the black cats and all other animals we have in our FarmVille farms a bunch of new ones: the Orange Tabby, as well as new Brown, Black, and Gold Chickens. All can be purchased from the market place, but none can be bought with regular coins…

First introduced is the Orange Tabby, a kitten that will certainly become a big favorite amongst the FarmVille players: it costs 9 FarmVille cash and can be harvested in three days. It’s not sure what you get from it, but it certainly looks lovely and it will be a nice addition of color next to the black cats, especially since you can send it as a gift to your most special friends!

Next, you can purchase for 7, 15 and 25 FV cash the new Brown, Black and respectively Golden Chicken – the last one probably laying golden eggs! An extra thing that makes these three new FarmVille chickens really valuable is that they increase the chance of you receiving a brand new Rare Mystery Egg. Uuuu… lots of goodies in just one batch, right?

Here’s what Zynga had to say about this update: “We’re proud to unveil a brand new Mystery Box! This new Box features a different set of items and is a great deal for 15 Farm Cash. The only real mystery is…why haven’t you gotten yours yet? Our newest feline friend, Orange Tabby, has also arrived at the Market, along with some very special Brown, Black, and Gold Chick…ens. Store these chickens in a Coop and they’ll increase your chance to receive a Rare Mystery Egg!”


I know it’s hard to stay up to date with all the goodies introduced in FarmVille, but I’m doing my best to bring you all the updates here in the Unigamesity. Therefore, all you have to do is worry about how to get the best out of your farm and if you think you need some help, you can try out this FarmVille guide.